The stunning Czech actress Magdaléna Vášáryová captured in three mesmerizing black and white portraits. Circa 1960-70s.

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Very chill

For some reason i have this idea in my head tht it’s “not cool” to lead a normal life (I’m talking about my personal idea of what normal is, bc i suppose “normal” can be different to everyone) so i am experiencing some sort of cognitive dissonance bc that is exactly what i am working towards and exactly what i want. I’m going to uni so i can get a steady, well-paying job and i want to marry my boyfriend and buy a house and get a dog or two and have babies. I should really stop limiting myself by thinking that these dreams are silly and invalid. I’m not even sure what kinds of ideals i have about how my life is supposed to go, but i feel like i romanticize the ‘starving artist’ lifestyle (Frances Ha comes to mind, i find something romantic about not having things completely figured out and being at a weird place in your life) or somethin and i should really stop doing that

Foxy Brown, 1997

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